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The Changing Faces of The Macomb Group

It’s no secret that those in the wholesale distribution industry wrestle with recruiting and retaining first-time job seekers. Over the last couple years, we at The Macomb Group have taken steps to demonstrate promising career opportunities to attract, train, and develop employees new to the workforce. Commonly referred to as millennials, and generally thought to […]

Valuable Updates from the Heating and Hose Divisions

With so much excitement and growth happening at The Macomb Group, we want to keep you informed. Here’s the latest from our Specialty Divisions: Heating Division “As we are in the middle of this inconsistent Michigan winter, The Macomb Group Heating Division has had its busiest bidding season to date, quoting over 100 large commercial projects […]

Use WorkLifeMatters and 1.800MD to Your Benefit!

At The Macomb Group, we have you covered for support during stressful times and situations as well as for medical issues that may come up.  The best part is that both these services are free! WorkLifeMatters Our WorkLifeMatters program is a complete employee assistance program that puts you one simple phone call away from a […]

Get in the Fast Lane for All Your Product Needs

Time is tight! You want it now. And now you can get it! No one knows better than those of us in the PVF business that time is critical in every project. While we at The Macomb Group pride ourselves on responding to emergencies 24/7 year-round, sourcing difficult-to-find materials, and delivering ahead of schedule, we intend […]

Personalize Your P21 Experience

Now that everyone has had a few weeks to acclimate to the new Prophet 21 search features, here’s a refresher on a few tips that can help you when searching: To speed up results, you can limit which columns you search. When you enter anything in the Search Text box, the tool will search column […]

… And the Gold Metal Goes to Macomb’s Southeast Region

It was late in the day when we spoke with Ben Hedrick, Account Manager at Mechanical Supply Company in Matthews, North Carolina. After two years of working at the relationship, the first of several shipments of pipe and valves for Mechanical Supply’s massive, $1 million project with Haile Gold Mine in Kershaw, South Carolina, was finally […]

Valuable Updates from the Valve Automation, Heating, and Hose Divisions

With so much excitement and growth happening at The Macomb Group, we want to keep you informed. Here’s the latest from our Specialty Divisions: Valve Automation Division As many of you know, we have valve automation sites in Livonia, Michigan; Midland, Michigan; and Matthews, North Carolina. Now, we’re excited to announce that we’re in the […]

Ow! Achoo! What’s That?

It’s that time of year again: We can get back outside and enjoy the fresh air and Mother Nature! Unfortunately, along with summer fun, we also get bug bites, rashes, and allergies. This year, The Macomb Group is offering a great new telemedicine program that is free of cost to you and will save you […]


15 year Location Name Hire Date Cleveland Mark Kulas 09/25/00 10 year Location Name Hire Date Sterling  Kenneth Ensman  12/07/05 Midland  Jodie Jones  10/31/05 5 year Location Name Hire Date Toledo  Meagan Mahaffey  12/13/10 Toledo  Kenneth Miller, Jr.  12/06/10 Sterling  Jake Kurzyniec  11/29/10 Flint  Justin Heddy  10/18/10 Sterling  Mark Traugott  09/21/10 Akron  David Ford  09/07/10 […]

Keep Email Working Fast: Archive to Free Up Storage Space

Like many companies, The Macomb Group uses Microsoft Exchange Server to store and manage emails. All of the company’s emails are stored on our Exchange Server, and as you may imagine, they consume a lot of storage space. To keep it manageable, old emails must be periodically removed when your mailbox fills up. The system […]